Why You Should Not Repair The Roof Yourself

Especially where roofing is concerned, home repairs can cost a lot of time and money and feel like a big hassle. It’s understandable if you think you’d be better off grabbing some tools at the hardware store and patching up that trouble spot on the roof yourself. But even making a small repair without the help of a professional can create more problems than solve them.

Safety Hazard

Repairing a roof on your own is a complicated and dangerous undertaking. You would need more than a sturdy ladder to keep you safe. Professional roofers wear climbing harnesses and helmets to prevent falling and other injuries. Please be aware, a fall from the roof will almost always result in a serious injury and, in some cases, death. Even without the costs of medical bills to keep in mind, it isn’t worth risking your life to avoid the costs of hiring a professional.

Costly Mistakes

One of the biggest motivators behind a DIY project is to save money. In many parts of your home, it’s good enough to look up a video tutorial and fix something yourself. However, a roof is more complex than it looks from the outside, and it takes someone with years of experience to take care of things that a regular homeowner might not think of. Something as simple as properly layering shingles to prevent leaks can involve several steps and nuances. And it only takes a couple of mistakes to turn a small repair into a more expensive one. If a professional roofer makes a mistake, then they should fix it or provide you a refund. But you won’t have that level of assurance if you take on the project yourself.

Long-Term Issues

The worst-case scenario for repairing the roof yourself is that you might miss a warning sign of further damage. Most times when you call a professional for a roof repair they’ll offer to inspect your roof first. If your roof has a hole then the leak might have caused water damage to spread to other parts of the house. In some cases, your roof could have structural issues as well. Even if you repaired your own roof perfectly, you could still encounter another problem you overlooked.

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