Your Contractor and You: Room Additions Done Right

Many people have some experience to do some minor sprucing up around the house themselves. But when you’re talking about a full Annapolis kitchen and bath addition to your home, it’s better to take a step back and talk to professionals. There are many things to take into consideration when doing a room addition, and it’s important to be aware of the most essential of them.

Design and Go

You’ve probably had your moments of inspiration where an idea for a new room pops in your head. You have it all pictured out and maybe even sketched out. Hiring a contractor at this point won’t take away the creative process from you. In fact, your contractor will be able to create a more comprehensive plan based on your ideas. Better still, his know-how will also help ensure that whatever you dream up will meet local building codes for health and safety—an important consideration for any project.

More than that, a contractor will help to prepare the work site for the job. Ground-level additions, for example, might require some excavation. Additions to other floors might, in turn, require stabilization of the house’s structure. A general contractor will be able to anticipate these needs and work accordingly to ensure your home’s safety and preparedness.

Material Considerations

Self-driven room additions can really stretch your budget to the limit, especially if you have little to no experience in picking the best materials for the job that are within your budget. A professional contractor’s years of experience will help you to pick the right materials at your level of affordability—all this while still fitting in your vision for your new room.

We at Blair Construction have not only many years of experience with room additions, but also a wide selection of materials and components to choose from.


Another distinct advantage that contractors bring is a contract. This helps to make clear any schedules, work output expectations, budgets, procurement, and other matters. It also serves as your protection and security that the project will run smoothly. Speaking of smoothly, a good contractor will also help to drive the work forward at a fast yet reasonable pace and keep things on track.

All in all, the main point to hiring a contractor is efficiency. They will help you transform an idea into reality. With Blair Construction, you can expect professional work that will stick to your vision and ideas. You’ll also get only the best materials from some of the more popular brands in the business.

Give us a call today, and we’ll help you with home improvement projects like bathroom remodeling in Bethesda within a budget you’re comfortable with.

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