3 Easily Overlooked Causes of Roof Damage

Usually, you would think of extreme rain or snow as the culprits in causing your roof to leak or deteriorate. However, there are a few other things that can be equally harmful to your roof. Here are three things that you should watch out for.


As you can imagine, during extremely windy weather like a hurricane or the occasional tornado you might expect debris to take a toll on your house. But many people don’t realize that even in small amounts, seemingly harmless things like leaves and twigs can pose a threat to your roof. Leaves easily clog up gutters and downspouts which will cause water to pool back on the roof instead of flowing off. That combined with a mass of wet leaves sitting on the roof itself can easily contribute to leaks and rot.


Of course, on a large scale, a tree can deliver considerable damage if it falls on your roof. But even if the tree next to your house isn’t very heavy or threatening, its branches over time could grow to scratch and puncture the shingles. If nothing else, trees touching your roof provide easy access for squirrels and other small animals to climb across and potentially burrow in your attic. The best thing to do is to make sure that any tree branches are at least ten feet away from your house. You can always call a professional to safely trim the branches for you.


If you have ever noticed a green tinge to your shingles, then it is probably algae. On its own, algae is relatively harmless. But if it’s not algae, but you can see a thicker green carpet of moss, then that could lead to a serious problem. Algae and moss are both plantlike organisms that thrive in moist environments. The biggest difference with moss is that it can trap moisture against your roof’s shingles, which will lead to water damage and a weaker structure.

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