Troubleshooting Common Gutter Problems

This simple guide will help you sort through some common gutter issues.

It can be easy to overlook the gutters on your house, mostly because they are out of sight and out of mind. But they are an important part of your house health because they protect your house from water damage by redirecting the rainwater away from your house. When there is something wrong with your gutters, it can lead to overflow and leaking, which can damage your roof and more. This simple guide will help you sort through some common gutter issues.


The most common issue with gutters is clogging. Gutters tend to clog over time because they accumulate debris such as dead leaves. When a gutter is clogged, it will not drain properly. Whatever part of the gutter is blocked will act as a dam and prevent the water from flowing through. Instead, the water will start to spill over at that point, or a worse alternative where the water starts to pool onto that section of your roof and potentially damage it. Additionally, clogging can loosen your downspouts, which are the vertical pipes that catch the water from the gutter and direct it away from your house. The best solution for clogging is to clean your gutters regularly.


A slightly more misunderstood gutter issue is sagging. Many people who see sagging gutters might assume that clogging is to blame. Although clogged gutters could be part of the problem, sagging comes from a more serious concern. Gutters sag when they can’t support the weight of the water, which means that they run the risk of breaking off from your roof. Sometimes you need to install more pipes or supports to help prevent sagging, or you need to find a gutter type that holds a higher capacity. In either case, it’s better to talk to a professional sooner than later to make sure that you get the right fix to avoid worse repair needs in the long run.


Sometimes you can have the right gutter, but it is incorrectly installed. Gutters are designed to work with water’s natural flow, which is to follow gravity. If your downspout is situated higher than your gutters, for example, then the water that your gutters catch will not be able to flow upward to them and will instead go the wrong way, back down against your house. If you notice your gutters overflowing every time it rains, then it could mean that something is sloped the wrong way.

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