3 Things to Check in Your Roof After a Bad Storm

Here are the three things that you should check to assess the damage of your roof.

A storm can deal a lot of damage to your house, and especially to your roof. Heavy rains, snowfall, hail, and debris can all wear away the shingles and cause cracks and leaks. Here are the three things that you should check to assess the damage of your roof.

Check the Surroundings

Before you take a thorough inspection, you can start by taking a quick look around your property. If you have a tree or two nearby, look to see if any large branches broke off, which will tell you where they might have hit your roof. Also, keep an eye out for any shingles that might have been blown off of your roof by harsh winds.

Check the Attic

One of the best ways to find leaks in your roof is to look at your roof from the inside. If you spot sunlight peeking into your attic then it means that the underside of your roof might have cracks. And your attic will show signs of moisture from leaks such as dark spots in the floor from puddles, or streaks in the walls.

Check the Roof

Of course, you will want to make sure to check the roof itself. You can have a professional inspection done to make sure that nothing is overlooked. And once you find any problems, taking care of even the small ones with a little roof maintenance will protect it in the long run.

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