Bath Remodeling Essentials: Top Features of Ideal Flooring

With continuous advancements in the remodeling industry, homeowners enjoy greater comfort and convenience. Many innovations focused on transforming the design and functionality of various components to increase your home value and performance.  Even your Annapolis kitchen and bath spaces have a lot to offer these days: from different furniture pieces and wall colors to flooring materials.

If you’re planning to improve your bathroom, did you know that there is a way to enhance its condition with minor tweaks? By changing the flooring material, you can turn your bathroom around in no time and at a reasonable price. Since every home is unique, you need to choose something that is apt for your lifestyle and utilization.

With the right flooring material, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Easy to Maintain

You won’t go wrong with a flooring material that is easy to clean and maintain. This is especially true for homeowners who love entertaining guests and need to lend their bath spaces frequently. When buying bath tiles, take your time and ask relevant questions. An easy-to-clean bathroom floor lets you save money on maintenance costs. Of course, no matter how easy to maintain your bathroom tiles are, they still require standard clean up.


There are certain floor materials that are sturdy yet versatile. When choosing a material, it’s best to pick one that is impermeable to chemicals and is low on liquid absorption. Although your bath flooring is custom-built for wet areas, some materials are more prone to breaking than others. A good bathroom flooring material is resilient and long lasting; it will look good as new for a longer period.

Slip Resistant

Some floor materials can be very slippery when they make contact with soapsuds or water. But there are some tiles and floor covers that are slip-resistant. A slippery floor puts you, your family, and guests at risk of slip and fall accidents. Keep them safe by reducing bathroom risks. Always take this in consideration, particularly when you have children and elderly people at home.

The next time you plan a home improvement project, consider enhancing your bathroom floor. Here at Blair Construction, we can help you with your renovation needs. We offer bathroom remodeling in Bethesda that can enhance your home value and improve safety.

Our services include installation of wall tile, custom floor, and granite or cultured marble vanity tops. We also have licensed plumbers and electricians. Our team also offers design services. Just give us a call at (888) 211-8249 and our Blair Construction expert team will be ready to assist you.

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