Faulty Low-Slope Roof Installation: The Problems it Causes

Each type of roofing has its own set of pros and cons. Whatever kind of roof system you have, if the installation wasn’t done right or if the roof isn’t maintained regularly, you could face several problems.

As a company of roofers Annapolis residents know they can rely on, we at Blair Construction would like to help you determine and avoid roofing problems. Let’s discuss one of the common types of roofing used in the country today: low-slope roof.

Just like other types of roofing, a low-slope roof can perform its functions better when it is checked for problems frequently. With a regular inspection, you would be able to assess critical areas for signs of damage or faulty roof work and repair them promptly. Some of the problems that can happen as a result of faulty roof work are punctures and the addition penetrations post-installation.

Heavy foot or construction traffic can scrape or cut the membrane and damage the substrate underneath. This can cause roof leaks, premature problems with the roof membrane, and could void your roof warranty. The performance of the roof could also be affected by the addition of penetrations unless the necessary precautions are observed.

With all the potential problems that punctures and additional penetrations post-installation can cause, it’s best to let professionals like us at Blair Construction take care of your roofing concerns. We specialize in both repairing and replacing low-slope and flat roof systems on residential and commercial buildings. When installed by a skilled contractor like us, a flat roof should be able to last for 25 years or more.

Yes, there may be some problems that a low-slope roof can cause, however, those issues can be avoided when you allow professionals like us at Blair Construction to repair or replace your roof system. With our expertise, we’ll make sure that your flat or low-slope roofing in Annapolis is properly installed so you can avoid unnecessary repair costs. For more information on our roofing services, feel free to give us a call today.

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