Bethesda Remodeling Projects: Increasing Your House’s Market Value

bethesda-remodeling-projects-increasing-your-houses-market-valueIf you are looking to sell your house, an effective way to increase its value is by having renovations, repairs, and remodeling done. According to an article from Fox Business, home buyers are looking for and are willing to pay heftier prices for houses that are turnkey and well-kept.

As a seller, you’ll have to work with established Bethesda remodeling experts to spruce up your house and set a more competitive price for it in the market. Fox Business shares information given by real estate expert Michael Corbett:

Home sellers have to look at repairs as a whole rather than a sum of parts, [Corbett] says. For a kitchen renovation, Corbett says the return on the investment is typically 78%, which may not make financial sense for all home owners. However, if other improvements and upgrades are made, the seller is more likely to recoup the money spent, and then some.

Corbett explains that homeowners should give attention to the house as a whole when considering what needs to be upgraded and repaired. The house exterior, in particular, must be well-maintained and attractive to grab buyers’ attention and increase curb appeal. “Since a buyer can make a decision about a home without stepping out of the car,” Fox Business explains, “real estate experts say the landscaping has to be pristine, the front door painted and the windows cleaned.” Even the garage is no exception; real estate agent Brad Officer explains that buyers often tend to notice if a garage looks clean and in order.

Fox Business shares other ways to improve the home that vary in difficulty, cost, and the length of time to accomplish; such improvements include “[d]ecluttering the home, getting rid of old fixtures, particularly if they are brass, and ridding the home of personal artifacts and pictures.” Furthermore, applying a fresh coat of paint gives the house a new and revitalized look.

A costly yet effective method of home improvement in Annapolis, MD or Bethesda, MD is the remodeling of the kitchen and bath, the most frequently-used rooms in the house. Fortunately, you can depend on leading contractors such as Blair Construction L.L.C for excellent remodeling services, which they can customize based on your preferences and needs.

Remodeling is not an easy undertaking, but with the help of reliable designers and contractors, you can end up with a home that looks good as new – and looks more attractive to potential buyers, too.

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