Trends to Consider When Remodeling Your Bethesda or Annapolis Kitchen recently conducted a survey among its members on kitchen remodeling trends. Ilyce Glink reports on the survey results in

Countertops are the biggest change homeowners will make in their kitchens — 94 percent of survey respondents planned to change them — and more than half want to upgrade their appliances.


Those kind of more minor remodels can recoup as much as 75 percent of the cost when the owners resell — one of the best ways to add value to your home, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2013 Cost V. Value report. Even a gut rehab will fetch up to 70 percent of the cost in added value.

The key to remodeling in a way that adds value is to make choices that will appeal to a broad number of buyers, so these kind of on-trend remodels will go a long way when reselling.

Glink adds that the kitchen has gone from being merely a room where meals are prepared, to a central gathering area for friends and family. Hence, it is not surprising to note from the survey that most of the people who intend to have their kitchens remodeled are doing it simply for their own satisfaction rather than to increase their home’s resale value. However, going with the trends should increase your chances of making your kitchen appealing to a larger number of home buyers, should you eventually decide to sell your home.

Some of the notable preferences listed in the survey include an open kitchen concept, appliances in stainless steel combined with other finishes, and classic color schemes. Likewise, 94% of the respondents say they plan to change their countertops using stone materials like granite and quartz. If you are looking at remodeling your Bethesda or Annapolis kitchen, it may pay to keep these design trends in mind.

While almost half of the respondents want a complete kitchen change, a large number also plan to simply update their existing kitchens. A kitchen remodeling project does not have to be expensive; relatively minor changes, such as changing the countertops or the backsplashes, can be sufficient to give your kitchen a brand-new feel. Consult with Annapolis or Bethesda kitchen remodeling experts, like those at Blair Construction L.L.C., to get some excellent ideas on how to refurbish your kitchen within your budget.


(Article Excerpt and Image from Top 10 kitchen remodeling trends, CBS Money Watch, October 26, 2013)

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