Consider Replacement Windows in Annapolis When They’re Old and Drafty

Condensation naturally occurs on windows and if you’re one of the homeowners in Maryland (since the temperature has been in the extremes) who can’t stand it when it happens, Yahoo Homes has information on how you should respond to this kind of hassle. For example, the writer recommends that room humidifiers should be running on a regular basis and shared this tip regarding bathroom exhaust fans:

Run the bathroom exhaust fan while you’re showering and the range hood exhaust fan while you’re cooking. Leave fans running for 10 or 15 minutes after either activity. Double-check that both of these fans—and indeed all the exhaust systems in your home—ventilate to the outdoors and not to the basement, attic, or garage.

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Be aware that condensation on the metal frames of windows can be attributed to poor placement within the exterior wall where thermal bridging can occur. The thing is, you need to understand fully how the window system performs under various conditions and when replacement windows in Bethesda become necessary. Here is a rundown from the article that you will find handy:

• If you’re in the habit of drying your laundry on racks indoors, try suspending the practice to see whether that
prevents window condensation from forming.
• Avoid indoor storage of freshly cut, nonseasoned firewood, because it contains a high degree of moisture.
• Pull back window treatments so the heated air in your home can raise the temperature of the window glass, thereby
reducing the likelihood of condensation.
• Install storm windows, which can raise the temperature on the surface of your interior windows, keeping them from
reaching the point at which water condenses.

If you have difficulty determining what needs fixing, you may want to consider consulting a professional like Blair Construction and get a replacement for your windows in Annapolis if they’ve become old and drafty. They can make a thorough inspection and verify every portion of the house, including the basement, roof, and plumbing system.

(Article Excerpt and Image from What Would Bob Do? Preventing Window Condensation,, February 24, 2014)

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