Roof Maintenance Package

Now that Spring is finally here it is the ideal time to check for roof damage caused by the many freeze/thaw cycles your roof has experienced this winter. “This package will be a pro-active approach to make sure your roof is in good condition before the
Spring rains arrive” says Randy Savage partner of Blair Construction.

Roof Maintence

Roof Maintenance

Blair Construction’s new Roof Maintenance Package includes a complete and thorough inspection of your roofing system including:
•    roof shingles
•     flashings
•    vent pipe collars
•    ridge vents
•    exhaust vents
•    skylights and valley areas.

Our expert roofers will identify any places where these key roofing components have been compromised and seal and secure them to prevent leaks. We will also check for missing, curled or cracked shingles, nail pops or exposed nail heads which we will seal to prevent water intrusion. We will inspect the outer perimeter of your roof for storm damages and check for clogged gutters that can create back flowing water and moisture intrusion inside your home.

Because some leaks are not always visible from the roof, our Spring Maintenance Package also includes checking for interior leaks and other areas in need of repair. We’ll check your attic for plywood mold and make sure that the attic is properly ventilated. A balanced system utilizing soffit/ridge vents keeps fresh air moving through your attic, prolongs roof life and makes HVAC equipment work more efficiently.

Finally, upon completion of the entire inspection we will provide homeowners a summary report with details of the condition of your roof and any recommended next steps.

Blair Construction has a reputation for offering prompt, professional service. We are one of only 3% nationwide of skilled, factory trained professional  with GAF Master Elite shingle status. We have an A+ ranking with the BBB.  We complete all types of roofing and construction projects.  We are committed to taking the frustration and distrust out of the home improvement process.

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