Practical and Creative Ideas to Try for Bathroom Remodeling In Bethesda, MD

Thinking of creative ideas on how to remodel your kitchen and bathroom can take much of your time and budget, and this is especially true in a competitive housing market like Maryland. There are many resources available in books, magazines and lifestyle websites on the Internet. In a recent post, Yahoo Homes shared some practical and wonderful insights about revamping a bathroom; there are easy ways to make renovations without overspending:

Ample lighting: While lighting is key to any space, it is especially important to bathrooms. Proper lighting not only makes a space seem larger, it’s practical too. This isn’t to say that you can’t have a dark, moody bathroom either. If it’s a powder room, dramatic lighting can work, but if it’s your main bathroom or a guest bath, ample lighting is more than important.

The perfect mirror: What’s a bathroom without a mirror? Not just for vanity purposes, a mirror can be a statement piece or art. Swapping out mirrors is also a great way to make your bathroom feel custom, especially if you’re a renter.

Bath linens: Linens are an instant upgrade that will tie the space together. Be sure to have more than one set, and use linens to add color and pattern. Similar to pillows, you can swap out your guests towels, so don’t be afraid to be bold — they aren’t permanent!

Practical and Creative Ideas to Try for Bathroom Remodeling In Bethesda, MD image

While the article focuses on bathrooms, these same elements also ring true for kitchens, particularly with lighting. For instance, with food preparation, the wrong type or intensity of light may hinder your ability to work efficiently as it may throw shadows on your kitchen counter and workspaces. Homeowners ought to make sure that this element is taken into heavy consideration; to get the best possible choices, you should consult contractors like Blair Construction for kitchen and bath in Annapolis.

While the do-it-yourself ideas mentioned in the Yahoo article can surely contribute a great deal, advice from a professional is still necessary if you want to really get that ideal look. Blair Construction is experienced in kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Bethesda MD and they can handle these types of home improvement jobs efficiently.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Revamp your bathroom in 10 easy steps,, February 27, 2014)

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