A Bethesda Remodeling Option for the New Year: Spruce up your Kitchen

For the chef, the kitchen is where the magic happens. It is the source of all delectable or cosmic creations that go beyond a plate of Boursin and baguette. Since it is the space that performs the alchemy of nourishment, through food and family intimacy, the kitchen is worthy of faithful care and good organization

Full Circle

You don’t have to be a Bourdain or a Cora to understand that your kitchen has to be maintained and properly organized. If it has had enough beatings over the years and is in a state of dilapidation, you might be ready to say goodbye and greet the New Year with a kitchen makeover, courtesy of a reliable Bethesda remodeling company.

This is not just a way to keep off the germs. The kitchen has already become the heart of the household, beyond the flair of the living room, or the sensuous charm of the bedroom. Here’s an excerpt from a She Knows article, highlighting the kitchen’s significance:

“Builders have now come full circle and realized the importance of the kitchen. More people are choosing to entertain within the comfort of their home. Plans have incorporated the kitchen as a social room again. New homes almost always have a breakfast/family room in complete view of the kitchen, such as in the great room concept. The new kitchen is designed to once again be the central hub for gathering in the house.”

“The kitchen atmosphere itself breeds easy hospitality and social ambiance by lending itself to flexible numbers; you can always pull up another chair. It is certainly the most used room of the house.”

Indeed it is. It is where you can cook pasta that you can heartily enjoy with the brood or make an aromatic coffee that can give you something to smile about in the morning. It can also be a refuge, which is why keeping it warm and inviting provides the magnetism that draws family to it.

Kitchen remodeling, which usually includes replacing tiles, updating countertops, or installing new lighting, is never a bad idea. Check out other ways to enhance the room by consulting design or remodeling companies that specialize in home improvement in Annapolis MD or Bethesda, such as Blair Construction L.L.C.

The frequently used kitchen upholds family and food traditions, creating fragrant memories in the heart of every member of the family. To give it a new look in a way that revitalizes memories past and encounters yet to come, should be worth the investment.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Kitchen: Most popular room in the house? SheKnows, LLC, Jun 09, 2009)

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