Seeking the Help of Maryland Roofers to Protect Roofs from Severe Snow

The winter months signify the holiday season but when the cold starts to crack and the joyous festivities end, the population becomes somber. For most, nothing is as virulent as freezing weather. The brumal atmosphere can paint bleak mornings out of the winter days.

Winter Storm
The start of 2014 has not been kind to America with temperatures dropping significantly across the country. Even the state of Maryland has not been spared. On January 3, a record low temperature of 14 degrees with a wind gust of 20 miles an hour froze many parts of the state causing accidents and even death as reported by CBS Baltimore:

“Inches of snow, biting wind and temperatures in the teens, Maryland feels more like the Arctic right now. And it’s about to get colder.”

“Maryland is bracing for another winter blast next week.”

“That polar vortex coming could make history–it could be the first time since 1994 that all the big cities on the I-95 corridor have been below zero all at once.”

With more snow on the way, residents are expected to take the necessary measures, most especially when it comes to protecting their homes. Snow and ice that pile up on roofs can cause the system to collapse because roofs are usually capable of supporting 12 inches of heavy snow only.

If you think your roof is vulnerable, make sure to clear the gutters prior to a snow disturbance to prevent blockage. Since melted snow can cause leaks, you should also contact established Maryland roof repair companies to ensure that the holes are patched up. If snow is already present on your roof, remove it properly with a snow rake. Take the necessary precautions, however, to avoid accidents.

Having a metal roof installed is another good investment in the future. Since this type of material is slippery, it easily sheds off snow and ice. Metal roofs can also accommodate snow guards and heating cables that can break up snow or ice chunks and prevent an avalanche effect outside your home. If you want a durable metal roofing system, contact dependable Maryland roofers like Blair Construction L.L.C.

The cold may not end anytime soon but a good preparation can help you go through its calamitous effect. Remember to protect the most important part of your home so you can continue to bask in comfort even on a wintry night.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Maryland’s First Winter Storm Of 2014 Brings Several Inches Of Snow & Cold Temperatures, CBS Baltimore, January 3, 2014)

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