Design a Smart Kitchen: Remodeling Tips for your Kitchen in Annapolis

Home improvement trends for the year 2014 is predicted to be the year for innovative ideas that put a stress on energy savings. Along with green schemes, The Capital Gazette, in its article on home improvement trends, forecasted that stylish designs for technologically advanced systems or equipment will be part of savvy home remodels. Home automation, as it’s called, aspires to create a “smart” home with automated technology features for basic devices in heating, lighting, and electronics.

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“From smartphones to smart cars, technology is transforming virtually every aspect of our busy lives. Technologies not only make life easier while on the go, but new options are quickly simplifying life at home as well. Home automation is proving to be a top home improvement trend, making the Jetsons’ futuristic lifestyle more realistic than ever before.”

“A home’s heating, cooling and electrical systems can be enhanced through home automation technologies. Boosting comfort levels, these technologies make it easier than ever to monitor energy and water usage, helping to reduce a family’s environmental footprint as well as their energy bill.”

A smart home promotes ecological advantages while promoting home comfort and improving efficiency. It also prioritizes safety. The kitchen is cited in the article as the place to implement many of these timely improvements. Simply put, outdated kitchens are out, and it’s high time to think of remodeling your Annapolis kitchen within the anticipated trends.

A motion-detector faucet is a good example; the automated technology promotes effortlessness and health. A conventional faucet grip, like other knobs that are used a lot, is an avenue for bacterial growth and transfer. New innovation in kitchen and bath fixtures also encourage water conservation by automatic water turnoff features. Other practical investments also include efficient and low- maintenance appliances like top-of-the-line dishwashers, ovens, and refrigerators.

For total makeovers in the kitchen, professional contracting services are recommended, especially where re-wirings or adjustments of electrical and plumbing units are required. The digital technology these contractors use even allows homeowners to literally envision their plans. With the use of imaging tablets or devices, they can virtually carry out design ideas and alter the plans as the project moves along.

Consult with trusted contractors like Blair Construction LLC, who are experts at kitchen remodeling in Bethesda, Annapolis, and other Maryland and DC locations. These professionals give a free estimate of their work cost after an on-site inspection. The year 2014 home trends await the kind of home where people can operate “smart” devices that actually help to simply their lives, while taking steps to reduce their carbon footprints on their home planet.

(Article Information and Image from Top 2014 home improvement trends: smart homes and home automation, The Capital Gazette, December 26, 2013)

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