Greater House Value by Remodeling Your Annapolis Kitchen and Bath

Maryland has an enviable reputation for being one of the most livable states in the country. Cities like Bowie, Annapolis, and Bethesda take pride in their highly educated population, low crime and unemployment rates. Consequently, this suggests a higher cost of living in many parts, which makes one’s home a prime asset. Even more so after a remodeling investment. The most significant asset could be your house, writes Cindy Gonzales for The Omaha World-Herald.

Money Smart
Did you know that remodeling your Annapolis kitchen and bath areas can increase your home’s value? Featured realtors and home remodeling experts mostly suggest that kitchen and bathroom improvements raises the value of a property in the real estate market. Whether you can afford a $50,000 makeover or a $500 expenditure on a touch-up, you can come up with great ways to improve your kitchen and bath.

For your kitchen, basic improvements like replacement of handles and purchase of stylish, innovative appliances are usual makeovers. Refurbishing counter tops with granite, quartz or laminate are also worthy options to explore. Improving cabinetry with maple or birch is suggested, and touched up with neutral-colored finishes. Styling up lighting fixtures and painting walls in warmer or vibrant paints can vastly change a kitchen’s vibe from drab to fabulous. Of course, basic means fixing, maintaining, and updating electricity and plumbing.

Whenever you can afford it, trends for a luxurious bath or walk-in showers, with multiple or large rain shower heads and heated tiles are great ideas. Mirrors and minimalist designs create an illusion of spacious interiors. Updates on fixtures (faucets, racks, and other bathroom accessories) and vanity can be installed to create a more alluring, resort-like appeal. Again, plumbing and lighting should be practical priorities.

For a surer and creatively professional touch, consult trusted companies specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Bethesda, Annapolis, and other Maryland and DC locations, such as premier contractor, Blair Construction LLC. These professionals will assist you and offer you a comprehensive choice of designs and materials, with services that include complete installation from start to finish. Improvements you make in your kitchen and bath will create a vibrant living space for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come—how great an investment is that?

(Article Information and Image from Money-smart resolutions: Improve your home’s value, no matter your budget, Cindy Gonzales for The Omaha World-Herald, December 31, 2013)

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