Drafty Windows and What to Do About Them

Replacing Drafty Windows

Drafty windows should be replaced eventually to make your home more comfortable and to save on your energy bills.

The beginning of January brings with it the beginning of bone-chilling cold and wind. If your windows aren’t ready, they can be a source of endless irritation during the winter. Drafty windows can rattle and keep you up at night, but more importantly, they can make your home uncomfortable and your energy bills spike. It’s better to get those drafty windows checked out and fixed or replaced than deal with the headache all winter long.

What Causes Drafty Windows?

Windows are designed to last a long time, but they are subject to the wear and tear of time and the elements. In old windows, the glazing putty can grow brittle and fall out, leaving enough wiggle room for the glass to rattle in place. The double-hung sashes of wooden windows can also shrink with age and wear, allowing cold air to flow into your home. And vinyl or aluminum windows could have worn gaskets and weather stripping.

Simple, Temporary Fixes

There are some things you could do right now to fix your drafty windows temporarily until you can get a window repair specialist in. You could add some plastic V-seal weather stripping to the sides of the sashes to help plug a window temporarily. Rope caulk can also be molded to fit a gap – this can be removed quite easily when a more permanent fix is ready. If you have a crack in the window, clear nail polish can be used as a quick fix and will stabilize the glass until it can be replaced.

Long-Term Fixes

When it’s time to fix your drafty windows for good, there are a few different paths that might be taken. If the window panes are not terribly damaged, the loose or missing glazing can be replaced. In this solution, the old putty is scraped off and new putty is installed. If you have storm windows but aren’t using them, they should be able to cut your drafts and insulate your home. Reglazing and repainting them should be all that is required, if they need it. If the windows are chronically damaged, you should seriously consider replacing them with newer, highly energy efficient windows. These do a much better job of insulating your home from the chill of the winter and will save you money on your utility bills every month!

Ready to Replace those Cold, Drafty Windows with Energy Efficient Ones?

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