Essential Features Of A Modern Bathroom

Modern Bathroom

A modern bathroom is all about combining utility with style.

Bathrooms are an important fixture of a home, as they are a room that everyone in the house must spend time in. However, they are not always the most stylish aspect of a home. If you are looking for an updated modern bathroom as fashionable as it is functional, consider these beautiful features.

Mosaic Tile

Instead of the classic porcelain or marble, do something eye catching and different to create a modern bathroom that pops. Mosaic tile comes in various shapes, patterns, colors, and textures, making the customization possibilities countless. This is a great way to add some pizazz to any modern bathroom.

Spa Baths

Have a luxurious spa experience always on tap when you install one in your home. There is nothing quite like relaxing in your spa bath with a glass of wine after a stressful day. These luxurious bathroom features can also be customized to your liking with everything from built-in bubble dispensers to whirlpool jets.

Caesar Stone

While not many people know this gorgeous stone by name, almost everyone has seen it in kitchens and baths for decades. Caesar Stone has a distinct look, a cream color with black and gray flecks. It’s a great way to give bathroom sinks and countertops a look that makes a statement and is always on trend.  


While this fixture is common in other countries, it has yet to sweep America. They are popular in Japan and Italy and just starting to take off in Australia. Bidets are not only stylish but increase hygiene.

Waterfall Showers

This decadent shower is an amazing way to not only make your bathroom stand out but allow yourself to have a unique experience every time you bathe. These decadent high-pressure showers are a truly eye opening experience if you are used to a traditional shower head that only sprays water in one direction with a usually mediocre force.

A Modern Bathroom From Blair Construction

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