Get Your Bathrooms Ready: 5 Remodeling Ideas for 2015

Remodeling trends come and go. Today, the bathroom has evolved to meet the changing lifestyles of many homeowners. You may now be able to transform it into your own haven of comfort and benefit from spa-like features with innovative design solutions.

Do you want a more relaxing and fully functional bathroom this year? Here are some design concepts and inspirations for your bathroom remodeling in Bethesda MD:

1) His and Hers: Two vanities with a huge soaking bath in between and a separate shower is a fitting solution for couples. With this, you can use your bathroom with your partner at the same time for your daily routine.

2) Porcelain Tile: This type of bathroom tiles has been a popular choice among many homeowners, as it is durable. Moreover, it has a lower water absorption rate than ceramic, which is particularly perfect for the bathroom.

3) Maximized Space: For small bathrooms, maximizing space is important. One of the things you can do is to replace your flat mirror with a medicine cabinet with mirror. You may also use the area below the sink as storage for your bathroom essentials.

To create an illusion of space, you may choose a glass shower door. This feature also offers a contemporary appeal and a seamless look.

4) Freestanding Tubs: This kind of bathtub is common in many spas. If you have the space, think about getting one for your home. This can make bathing a more relaxing experience, which can give you more reasons to stay in on a weekend. It can also give a classic appeal to your bathroom and add an interesting focal point.

5) Combined Bath and Shower: This bathroom feature is a space-saver. You may opt for a bathtub with built-in or handheld shower. To achieve a classic contemporary style, a freestanding tub may be placed in a spacious walk-in shower.

Benefit from a cozy and fully functional bathroom this year. Let the expert remodeling team of Blair Construction help you. Our services include plumbing, flooring, lighting, vanities, and design services.

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