Part 3 – Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Strong Focal Points

A central design element is a pretty good way of diverting attention away from the fact that your bathroom is lacking in the space department.

Some of the things you can use as your bathroom focal points include a picture window, a large mirror, a bold light fixture, a freestanding tub, a cool vanity, a floral arrangement, an indoor plant, or a collection of candles and soaps. Artwork is also welcome, so long as it doesn’t create too much visual clutter.

Accommodating the Eye

Placing your chosen focal point close to the entrance to your bathroom or a source of light helps make sure that the people who enter the space never miss it. There really is no magic formula to focal point placement, but where size is concerned, the closer you will be when viewing it, the smaller your focal point can be.

Our eyes adjust according to the distance from which they view objects. The ciliary muscles contract and reshape our cornea-lens system when we’re focusing on something. This can sometimes trick the brain into thinking that objects that aren’t in focus are farther away, so having an interesting piece right where you can always see it could help you forget that you are in a compact space.

Other Factors to Consider

After choosing which feature of your bathroom to highlight, make sure it really draws the eye with the help of creative lighting and judicious color choices.

Keep in mind that you do not have to spend big bucks to create a strong focal point. Play around with the different elements suggested above to see what will work best in your bathroom.

Good luck!

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