How Snow Can Affect Your Roof

It’s winter, and depending on where you live, snow is either on its way or already coming full force. For Anne Arundel County, homeowners still have some time to prepare, and one way is to make sure that their roofs can withstand the snow. But the question is, what can snow really do to your roof? Read on to find out.


Excess water that accumulates on a roof for any length of time could increase the risk of water damage, and snow very clearly fits the bill Because it’s difficult to clear snow from most roofs, that gives it the opportunity to slowly melt its way between the weak spots in shingles and cause leaks. A good way to prepare for this is by contacting a professional about shingle roof repair and replacement. At the very least, getting a professional inspection of your roof will tell you if it is ready to survive the winter.


Although snow can be light and airy at first, once it accumulates it starts to freeze and compact, which makes it very heavy. All of that additional weight can overload your roof, to the point of exceeding the capacity it can hold. Prevent costly damage to your home with roof razors or a roof rake which are specifically designed to make it easier and safer to shovel snow from your roof.

Ice Dams

Once the snow melts, you will still have to worry about ice. If you’ve seen houses with rows of icicles running off the edge of the roof, that is the sign of ice dams. Ice dams form along the edge of the roof and prevent water from flowing off properly. Often, ice dams will cover and freeze gutters so that they can’t work properly. If you are concerned about ice dams forming, then talk to a roofing professional about modifications, like a heated cable, to prevent freezing on your roof.

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