How to Design an Outdoor Kitchen

Here are some tips to help you design an outdoor kitchen.

If you have been enjoying your backyard or deck this summer, it might have occurred to you how much better it would be to host cookouts and family nights with an outdoor kitchen. Putting an outdoor kitchen in your yard is a big undertaking, which is why it’s important to get all of the details right during the design processes. Here are some tips to help you design an outdoor kitchen.

Start with Location

The first and most important question you will need to ask is where to locate your outdoor kitchen. And that can be boiled down into two main options, close or far from your home. There are pros and cons to both of these options which will help you to decide which will be the best choice for your. Having a kitchen that is close to or even attached to your home exterior means that you will be able to make easier trips inside for things that you need. However, if you would like the outdoor kitchen to be its own independent space, then setting it away from your house could be better. That all depends on a number of other factors, such as what your outdoor kitchen will contain.


Part of thinking about the location for your outdoor kitchen includes figuring out what type of equipment you will want, like a sink and appliances. You will need to think about which utilities will run from your house. Whether that is plumbing, or gas for a grill, electricity and more, it’s a good idea to find an expert contractor who can give you your options. Sometimes you might have a location in mind, such as under and existing patio, but there might be things going on underground that would prevent you from getting utilities placed there. It’s important to make sure that you have your location coordinated with what you are able to do in your yard.


When most people think of an outdoor kitchen, they picture the grill as the main piece of equipment. But you can go as big or as small as you want in your outdoor kitchen design. You could have full refrigerator, oven and sink if you wanted, so that it is like a second kitchen. It mostly depends on how independent you want it to be from your house. If you are fine with the outdoor kitchen being more like an added sitting area, then you can go simple. But if you want to effectively move out of your house for the day and have everything you need outdoors, then you should prepare for a more extensive process. Whatever you prefer for your outdoor kitchen, as long as you balance these three main considerations your design will be just right.

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