How to Transform Your Annapolis Kitchen into an Entertainment Area

When hosting parties at home, some practical-minded locals in Annapolis would rather prepare their own meals rather than rely on pricey catering services—a decision that makes a functional kitchen in Annapolis a necessity. However,’s Robin Abrahams writes that kitchens today are no longer reserved solely for meal preparation and can, in fact, be used to entertain guests.


So of course parties of a certain type always wind up in the kitchen. Because to stay out of the kitchen would be to accept only the show that’s on offer. As though you were a mere audience member, and not a fellow performer. Staying out of the kitchen feels both overly entitled (as though you expect your friends to wait on you like servants) and overly restrictive (as though, what, you can’t go into your own college roommate’s kitchen?). Meanwhile the hosts are doggedly shoo-ing you out, insisting that you sit back and enjoy the show , wondering to themselves why on earth you prefer to hang out with the recycling and leftovers when you could be enjoying the seasonal flowers and ambient lighting in the living room.

Because! The kitchen is where the real action is!

Party-loving locals can work with reliable home improvement companies to come up with a fabulous Bethesda kitchen design concept that is ideal for both kitchen work and entertaining purposes. This approach to kitchen remodeling makes sense as it helps liven up what is probably one of the most frequently used spaces in any home. Assessing the type of gathering you typically hold for your friends and family is the first step in figuring out a suitable new kitchen design.

For instance, if you usually host formal dinner parties where hors d’oeuvres and cocktails are served, a dual-purpose L-shaped kitchen island with a raised bar area and bar stools should enable guests to mix and mingle. Meanwhile, if you happen to prefer game parties, you can integrate a butler’s pantry into the overall kitchen design for better accessibility. A butler’s pantry not only provides storage for silverware, utensils, and serving pieces, it can also provide storage for beers and chips so guests can have easy access to these items without disrupting the normal work flow in the kitchen.

Enjoy more fun-filled parties at home by transforming your kitchen into a truly social space. You can count on a full-service home enhancement contractor such as Blair Construction LLC to turn your kitchen into a functional and party-friendly area.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Why parties always end up in the kitchen,, 8 August 2013)

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