Annapolis Kitchen and Bath Remodeling: Maintaining Design Continuity

Annapolis locals have different reasons behind their decision to start a home remodeling project. Some locals want additional space, while some intend to increase the resale value of their homes. Whatever their reasons may be, most American homeowners consider bathrooms and kitchens as important home renovation projects according to a survey.


Bathrooms and kitchens capturing the lion’s share of home renovation dollars

Bathrooms and kitchens remain the top priority projects across the U.S., and capture the lion’s share of renovation dollars. Over the last five years, U.S. Houzz users spent an average of $28,030 on kitchen remodels, and $10,422 on bathroom renovations.

More U.S. homeowners in vesting to increase home value

The motivation behind both renovation and decorating projects is still overwhelmingly to improve the look, feel, flow or layout of the home, but more people this year are also investing to increase home value vs. last year, another sign of increasing confidence in the housing market.

Local homeowners should remember that design continuity is a rather important element of any successful Annapolis kitchen and bath remodeling project. Although design continuity is not a standard rule in home renovation, it does establish visual unison and therefore maximizes the aesthetic benefits of any home renovation effort. Ensuring design continuity is not an easy task, though, so homeowners should work with reputable home improvement contractors in their area to achieve whatever goals they have in mind. Homeowners can also apply a few design strategies to make their kitchens and bathrooms visually cohesive.

Matching kitchen and bathroom cabinet styles and materials is a good way for homeowners to maintain a unified design between their kitchens and bathrooms. Another sensible plan is to coordinate kitchen and bathroom counter tops as well as faucets and other fixtures. Meanwhile, the Do It Yourself staff suggests that homeowners can apply more flexibility when it comes to flooring design to create further visual unison by making sure that the flooring for both rooms share the basic color scheme. Bathroom remodeling in Bethesda, MD can also incorporate accent tiles for a little more pizzazz.

Design aesthetics is an important aspect of home remodeling projects, especially those that involve kitchens and bathrooms. Trusted home remodeling companies like Blair Construction LLC can apply their expertise to ensure visual cohesiveness in any home upgrade or improvement project.

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