Proofing Roofing: On Choosing Good and Licensed Roofers in Annapolis

Roofs can suffer more than a loss of a few components during a very powerful storm. As such, homeowners will need to have the damaged portions fixed immediately before leaks develop. Rick Marteeny’s article for The Intelligencer mentions several points homeowners should remember when looking for a roofer:

Before installing a new roof, or having repairs made, consider the following when choosing your contractor:

Look for an established, licensed or bonded roofer and request references. Not all jurisdictions require licensing of roofing contractors.

Ask to see certificates of insurance to be sure both liability and workers compensation insurance coverage is carried, and are in force during the time the roofing work is being done.

Insist on a detailed, written estimate clearly stating the quantity of materials needed (labor charges; work specifications) which include approximate starting and completion dates; payment procedures and that any necessary building permits are secured.

Carefully review and understand any warranty and watch for conditions that would void it.

While storm damage requires immediate attention, homeowners shouldn’t choose a contractor haphazardly. A repair is only as good as the professional performing it, so a homeowner should get only the best contractor for the job. Householders should focus on quality, and may want to hire expert roofers in Annapolis such as Blair Construction LLC.


The mark of a good contractor is the high degree of satisfaction among its previous customers, and it certainly helps if the roofer has gotten a lot of positive feedback from the community. In addition, licensed contractors are likely to be members of both the National Roofing Contractors Association and the Better Business Bureau. Customers might also want to look for a contractor that offers exclusive and quality roofing products, such as those manufactured by GAF®.

By taking the above factors in mind, homeowners should have a better idea of what to look for in a roofer. Quality repair is not necessarily inexpensive, yet it’s also a wise investment that lets you avoid having to deal with severe water damage throughout the house. Roofing in Bethesda serves as the main bulwark against the elements, so you’ll want to hire a skilled roofing contract who will ensure your household’s optimum protection from the elements.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Protect yourself after a storm, The Intelligencer, November 30, 2013) 

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