Innovative Ways to Maximize a Small Bathroom Space

Here are some ways to make your small bathroom work.

When your home has a small bathroom, things can quickly get cramped. Especially when you have guests over for the holidays, it can be hard to know what to do with a small bathroom. When you are ready, it could be the perfect opportunity to add or extend your bathroom. Fortunately, there are many ways to get the most of the space that you have, with just as little creativity. Here are some ways to make your small bathroom work.


When your bathroom is small, the easiest way to make it appear bigger is with mirrors. You can add a large mirror along the wall over the sinks, for example, to make the space look literally twice as big. The illusion that mirrors provide goes a long way to making a small bathroom lest claustrophobic.


There are countless design ideas on the web for making a small space look bigger. You could try lighter colors to make the room look more airy. Or bigger patterns can make a room look more open than the tightening appearance of thin stripes. Whatever you design, you can find a way to adjust it to your unique preferences.


Sometimes a complete overhaul of the bathroom is necessary. You might need to have a wall knocked out to extend it, or you could consider relocating the bathroom to a larger space or adding another bathroom entirely. Otherwise, you can reconfigure the layout of your bathroom. Sometimes, a bathroom can appear smaller because of a cramped layout. The placement of the sink could be too close to the toilet and bathtub, for example. A good option is to move the sink to the corner, because then it is out of the way, and it gives you much more counter space.

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