Make Sure Your MD Home Is Prepared For Hurricane Season

While enjoying the blissful warm weather, know that summer also means more than just hotter temperatures in Maryland – it also marks the beginning of the hurricane season. As evidenced by the recent arrival of the storm Arthur, the weather this season is nastily showing signs of unpredictability, according this recent Baltimore Sun forecast:

The rest of the week is expected to offer a respite after several days of oppressive humidity and severe thunderstorms, according to the National Weather Service.

Morning cloudiness on Wednesday will clear, revealing mostly sunny skies, with light winds and a high near 85 degrees. The low will dip to under 70 degrees overnight.

Severe storms have been implicated in the drowning deaths of three people in the last few days, and the U.S. Coast Guard is still searching for another missing boater. Two to six inches of rain have fallen across the Baltimore region in the last week, according to the weather service.

When the rain comes pouring badly and the gust of wind passes your area, do you want to get caught with your pants down? Certainly no! So, every opportune time of a clear sky, you should get your home ready for the onset of the next hurricane.

Your roofing might have incurred damage during previous thunderstorms such as missing tiles or shingles. Water and wind damage are quite common in the aftermath of a storm and you may need to call a professional contractor for roofing in Annapolis to help you with inspection and our repairs.

As far as any home damage is concerned, know that time of the essence. It is best that you take advantage of the calm weather and let Blair Construction roofers in Annapolis help you with your roof repair needs. Our expert craftsmen are equipped with the latest techniques using only the right tools and quality materials supplied by leading roof manufacturers like GAF.

Let us take care of missing shingles and leaks, and once we’ve completed repairs, we assure that your roof is reinforced to protect your family from the next storm. For more information on urgent roof repairs, contact Blair Construction today!

(Article Excerpt from Sunny and unseasonably mild Wednesday, Baltimore Sun, July 16, 2014)

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