Things to Consider When Getting an Add-On

Consider these things before you get an add-on.

Getting an addition to your home is an exciting change that will improve the entire house. But such a major project comes with some important considerations. Having the right professional in your corner will help make the process go smoothly, but there are also some things that you can think about ahead of time that will further prevent you from running into issues you might not have expected. Consider these things before you get an add-on.


The main reason that homeowners choose to get an add-on is to have more space. But be careful of where you put that additional square footage. When remodeling your home, keep in mind how it will make your house look as a whole. Avoid the mistake of getting a home addition that might look great on the inside but doesn’t meld with the rest of the house and looks clunky. The goal should be to make the add-on look like it was always a part of the house. By thinking about size while you are in the design process, you will make sure that your add-on doesn’t end up being disproportionate.


Size and placement of your add on can contribute to or distract from the overall visual appeal of your house. If you can, it’s best to consider putting your add on at the back of the house if you have a historic look that you want to avoid mismatching. Keeping historical or architectural details in mind will help make sure that your add-on incorporates seamlessly into the rest of the house.


One of the most important considerations for an add on is that it doesn’t compromise the structure of the rest of your house. You should always involve a licenced professional when getting an add on because they will know how to make sure that everything is constructed to fit building codes for your county. Size and placement of your add-on is also an important thing to think about in regards to your roof and foundation.

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