Things to Consider when Shopping for Exterior Doors

Make sure you find the best exterior door for your house by keeping the following in mind.

If you can tell that your old exterior door is due for replacement, then the good news is that there are a ton of new options out there for better and stronger exterior doors that really bring the curb appeal. But before you get lost in a sea of selections, here are a few things to consider. Make sure you find the best exterior door for your house by keeping the following in mind.


The biggest question you have to start with is deciding what type of door you want. There are several categories for exterior door design from color, to material (wood, fiberglass, and steel for example), and style. Two things to consider are the door’s energy efficiency and security. Doors with good insulation will help keep your energy bill down by containing your house’s AC and heat. As for security, steel doors are the best for keeping out intruders although they will be more expensive. Wood might not be the best for security and it is a bit higher maintenance but it offers a classic style. A good option to think about if you aren’t sure is fiberglass. It is not to expensive, durable and secure, and it can come in many looks and colors, even ones to mimic steel and wood.


You’re not only shopping for the door itself, but you also get to consider what types of hardware you would like, including locks and doorknobs. Security is the deciding factor when investing in a lock, and you should consider investing a little bit more to make sure that you have a solid deadbolt, since your exterior door is part of the first line of defense against intruders. Keep in mind that the majority of potential burglars will turn away if they think a house looks too difficult to break into. From a design aspect, you can have fun deciding what color scheme to go with for the hardware, from a bronze or gold look, to chrome, or steel that looks like wrought iron, and more.


Most people don’t think twice about which direction their exterior door swings, but it can make a big difference. Exterior doors almost always designed to swing inward because it provides better security. But there could be other factors that influence whether you would want an outward-swinging door. If you live in an area that is close to the water, then heavy winds from hurricanes can make inward-swinging doors too hazardous. But also keep in mind that an inward-swinging door will mean that you won’t get trapped if your door is blocked by debris or snow. It’s never a bad idea to ask a professional what they think would be the safest option for your house.

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