What You Should Know About a Roofing Warranty

Familiarize yourself with what a roofing warranty may typically look like.

When you’re looking into a critical aspect of your home like your roof, you want to have security when you’re putting down money for work. The roof of your home is one of the three most fundamental parts to ensure it is safe and secure, and work done for it can be incredibly expensive and stressful. As you consider your options, you may find that many companies offer warranties, but knowing the details in advance is essential. Not all warranties are equal, some cover very little and knowing in advance can save you from heartache. 

Types of Warranties  

The first thing you need to consider is the difference in coverage of materials and coverage of workmanship. Most roofing material companies will have a warranty on their work for a period of time-correlated to the quality of the material. Some may have a warranty of up to 50 years; others may be shorter. Additionally, most construction companies will offer an additional warranty on the workmanship, which will include repairs and reimbursement if the roof is to fail because of the craftsmanship. 

What Is and Isn’t Covered 

With today’s advanced manufacturing and quality control, failure of materials is rare. Failure of workmanship, on the other hand, is common. Having a warranty is critical because it shows that the team stands behind their work. That said, the biggest threat to a roof isn’t the workmanship, its neglect. Many homeowners forget that their roof puts up with a lot of impact, from weather and more, if you’re not caring for your roof, you will see damage over time. Taking the time to ensure your gutters are clean and function and that small issues are fixed quickly can make a huge difference. 

Follow A Maintenance Schedule 

The best way to ensure that your roof stays in good working order for its entire lifespan is to take a proactive approach to maintenance. Inspect your roof for signs of damage after every storm and at least once a year have a professional inspection. Some roofing contractors offer maintenance plans that can be an excellent investment, especially if you live in an area with extreme weather. 

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