What Moss on Your Roof Could Mean

When people talk about “green roofs” today they are usually referring to purposefully built gardens on tops of tall urban buildings. Homeowners, however, know that there is another type of green roof that can actually be a big problem: one that has moss growing on it. While the idea of a moss covered roof may call to mind quaint cottages or even hobbit houses, moss is often an indication of a roofing issue and even if there isn’t an existing problem, allowing it to grow unchecked can lead to serious new ones (kind of like leaves in your gutters).

Why Does The Moss Grow?

One reason that moss may be growing on your roof is that there is substantial water damage up there that’s allowing it to grow. Clearly, this is a worst-case scenario and it isn’t the only reason for there to be moss. In order to grow and thrive moss (and algae) needs water and shade. If there is a portion of your roof that is always shaded from the sun, there could be moss growing there. This is especially true if you live in moist climates, but can also be true if you’re having a particularly rainy year. The key is to get rid of the moss as soon as you can, before it can damage your roof.

How Can You Get Rid Of It?

If the moss hasn’t been there a long time, and if you feel comfortable going up on your roof, this could be something you can DIY. If you do, tackle the problem in two steps. First, mix a 50-50 solution of water and household bleach and pour it over the moss. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes. As it does, the moss should lighten in color and loosen from the roof. After 20 or so minutes, rinse the roof with a low pressure hose to wash away the moss. Stubborn parts may require some scrubbing.

Why Not Power Wash It?

Many homeowners who hope for a quick fix look to power washers. The problems with these is that most people don’t know how to use them properly, and the result is often that water is forced up under the shingles. Once you get water under your shingles, it can damage the roof and end up doing even more harm than the moss would have.

When Do You Call The Professional?

If your don’t feel safe up on your roof, call a professional. If the moss has been there for a while, you should also call a professional. Moss can cause water damage and weaken the roof over time and make it unsafe to walk on. A professional will be able to assess the roof for safety before anyone sets foot on it.

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