Tips to Add Value to Your Home with a Kitchen & Bath Remodel

Homeowners spend on remodeling projects for varied reasons. However, most would want big returns in case they decide to post their property in the ever-growing Maryland real estate market.

According to an article shared by Better Homes and Garden, one of the remodeling projects that can add significant value is a good kitchen upgrade:

Upgrade Kitchen Countertops
Durable granite is one of the most sought after upgrades and “still by far, the most requested countertop material,” says interior designer and space planner Mary Fisher Knott of Mary Fisher Designs in Scottsdale, Arizona. If granite is beyond your budget, however, consider laminate countertops that offer the look of natural stone at a fraction of the price. Add a beveled edge to these laminate countertops for an even more authentic stone look.

This is just one example on how to pull a style update for your kitchen. You see, potential buyers today seek for a more contemporary appeal. Your retro themed kitchen may be pristine; however, the modern kitchen fittings today may not suit well. In addition, the amenities of your pantry would do well to compliment the ever-changing lifestyle of the people these days, hence it needs remodeling.

Aside from kitchen renovation, bathroom remodeling in Bethesda MD can also increase your home’s value. In this area, the utmost consideration is safety because a badly-constructed bath can be prone to accidents. You can ask a professional contractor like Blair Construction to assess the safety features of this important part of your house.

While it’s true that spending for improvements to enhance the curb appeal of your house can boost its resale price, we at Blair Construction and our team of Annapolis kitchen and bath experts can assure you that the additional upgrades inside your home can also increase the marketability of your property.

(Article Excerpt from Remodeling Projects that Add Big Value, Better Homes and Garden)

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