Why It’s a Good Idea to Replace Your Anne Arundel Shingle Roof In Winter

Read on for some of the benefits of choosing to get your shingle roof replaced in the winter.

Most people wouldn’t immediately consider winter as the best time to do any major renovation projects. But if you have been concerned about the condition of your roof for a while, it might come as a surprise that this season is probably the ideal time to get started. You might be wondering how the winter is a good time to replace your roof. Read on for some of the benefits of choosing to get your shingle roof replaced in the winter.

Sealant Temperatures

If you go to some other roofing companies, they might use the excuse that the sealant and caulk material used in installing a roof won’t function properly in lower temperatures. While this might sound like a reasonable explanation, it isn’t entirely true. For the typical asphalt shingle roof, the sealant that adheres to each shingle in place responds to heat shingles. In the summer months, shingles can be quickly applied and left to cure in the sun. But without the heat, each shingle will need to be hand-applied instead. This might sound like a bad thing, but on the contrary, being forced to apply shingles one-by-one is a time-consuming but worthwhile process that ensures the quality of your new roof.

Experienced Roofer

Because of the process involved in applying a roof in winter, most roofing companies would rather avoid it. Keep in mind that applying a roof in the summertime with the help of the hot weather means that it’s easier to cut corners. But those that are willing to do the work are usually more knowledgeable and experienced roofers. You should talk to a roofing contractor like those at Blair Construction, who are diligent in their process. Having a true professional on your side means that you won’t have to worry about a sloppy job that would create more problems later.

Price Reductions

Wintertime, in general, can be slow for most remodeling businesses. That means that you can typically find discounts on high-quality work. While it is not always a guarantee, you might have better chances of having your roof replaced at a reduced price in winter.

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