Do you need a New Roof on your Millersville Home ? We Can Help! 

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No roofing system is complete without the expertise of roofing professionals located in Millersville and beyond!

Does your Millersville, MD home need a new roof? Let’s face facts: your home’s roof has probably seen some better days. As sturdy and reliable as most roofing materials are, even the most durable ones can fall victim to mother nature. The ravages of time aren’t too kind, either. No roofing system is complete without the expertise of roofing professionals located in Millersville and beyond

The Enduring Protection of a Warranty 

As with many other elements of your Millersville home, you need a long-lasting warranty. Luckily we have several different options available. That way, you’ll be able to protect your home more thoroughly. After all, it is the single most important investment you will ever make besides having kids. We offer warranties that come straight from the manufacturers. Plus, we extend to you our Workmanship Guarantee. This warranty lasts for up to 25 years, and the manufacturers also support it. Now, isn’t that reassuring to hear?  

Conducting Comprehensive Roof Inspections

Regardless of the current condition of your roof, how would you know if something is wrong? That’s why timely roofing inspections matter so much. Here at Blair Construction, we are proud to say that we conduct comprehensive roof inspections. That way, we can inform you if repairs are sufficient or if you should consider a full-on replacement of your existing roof structure.  

Expert New Roof Installation Services in Millersville, MD

Blair Construction has earned a reputation for itself as the finest roofing contractor Millersville residents could ask for, no matter what they need. But our expertise extends much further than just roofing. We also happen to be one of the premier home remodeling experts in the Severna Park area.

Once you’ve seen our work on your home, we’re sure you’ll be impressed enough that you’ll want to hear more about our other remodeling services. So here is just some of the remodeling work we can do:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Porches and sunrooms

Our services don’t end there. We are experts in windows, siding, and even energy efficiency audits. Whatever your Severna Park home might need, the experienced professionals at Blair Construction stand ready to help.

 Other Services We Offer in Millersville, Maryland